Ronny Lee Sivils was born at Mercy Hospital in Fort Scott Kansas to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Albert Sivils at 10:35 a.m. Thursday the 2nd day on May A.D. 1946.

He spent his early years in Pleasanton Kansas then moved to Creighton Missouri, left home at 18 to go to Kansas City Missouri where he attended Aero Mechanics School and obtained the FAA Airframe and Power Plant licenses required to work on commercial aircraft.

After 40 years of a marginal existence in the aviation industry working as a mechanic, inspector, and crew chief for Trans World and American Airlines he retired to pursue a lifelong interest in music. This website and the music are the result of that interest.

Our drummer, Ronnie Ciago, is a leading live and session drummer in Los Angeles and a good friend of Keith Lynch. I was very lucky to have him play for us.

Keith Lynch, our lead guitarist and bass player operates Walnut recording studio in El Segundo CA. Keith’s unique lead guitar sound on our music is the result of many years of studio work, playing with leading L.A. musicians, and study under the legendary Ted Greene.

Maggie Vaughan teaches voice in the South Bay area, has a large practice and holds annual recitals at a local college. I’ve studied voice with her for the past two years and she is the main reason this music and website exist.

These are the players and our bios. Enjoy our music.